My homepage with org-mode


This setup based on org-mode aims to replace my previous Jekyll setup used to publish my site.


For details about the implementation see the introductory post and the Source.


  • Posts go into posts/ Preferably in their own subdirectory together with all their assets (self-contained)
  • Tutorials go in tutorials/, as they are rendered (for now) with the readtheorg theme

To generate:

$ make

The output site will be rendered in public/.



When the site was generated using Jekyll, posts where generated in the /:year/:month/:day/:id.html route. In order to generate a redirect page, use the following keyword to generate a redirect page:

#+REDIRECT_FROM /old/url/index.html


To hide a post from the list of recent posts or the full archive, use:


Note that the post will still be published, but you will need to access it by its URL directly.


The code used for generating the site is licensed under the MIT license.

The content of the site, Copyright (©) 2014-2019 Duncan Mac-Vicar P..