October 19, 2013

(Almost) Repairing a broken Kindle 3 Keyboard screen

So I dropped my Kindle and the screen did not survive. I was surprised because it was a short height and it was in a thick case. As I want to upgrade to the paperwhite but not yet, I decided to try to repair it. It was a not a 100% succesful experiment.

I ordered this replacement screen from China. I had never ordered from China/alibaba before. I was surprised how fast and smooth everything went.

Then I watched this video to have an idea of the process.

Everything went smooth except when I tried to close it, something with the screen and the body was not 100% right. The screen was making pressure and at somepoint I heard CRACK!. I opened it again and realized the corner of the new screen broke :-(. However was not able to figure out what was not in the right place. Somehow in that corner the body of the Kindle seems thicker and the screen makes some pressure against the body to the point you can see the form over the plastic.

Luckily the screen only broke in a part that does not bother that much, so even if the experiment failed, it is somehow usable compared to the previous state.