May 03, 2011

New home for my blog

My blog was hosted at a non-for-profit hosting for years. They gave me
an excellent (free) service and never had any issues with my wordpress

Sadly one day they decided to delete old (unused) accounts, and they
did it with a script, that after detecting an account was not used,
proceeded to delete the account.

My account was flagged incorrectly as inactive. So the script deleted
the account.

I had backups, but as their claimed to have data redundancy and daily
backups, I only did those twice a year.

The worst part. The script had another bug: it also deleted the backups.

There goes my blog. I lost a bunch of posts which I (half) recovered
from google cache. I lost lot of images and the original markdown
source of the posts.

So there goes also my last motivation about administering anything. My
blog, as my email and pictures have done for years, moves to the

I am still not 100% convinced with Posterous. But lets give it a try.