June 28, 2010

openSUSE Build Service on Android

Release fast, release early. That is what I am trying this time so don’t get too excited. I only added one feature. Yes one.

You can list the pending submit requests related to you. Nothing else. And not with a very pretty layout

but it will get better.

However, I have an infrastructure in place that will allow me to consume the API very easily, and I will push new versions every time I add something.

What I want to add next?

  • Improve the user interface so that it looks pretty
  • Ability to act on a request and see the diff (colored!)
  • Explore projects and packages
  • A service that polls for build failures and show notifications. Same for requests.

I don’t plan to implement the whole user interface in a phone, but mostly the parts where a phone makes a good tool for the build service. Do you have an idea? Screen mockup? Share it with me!

To try it, just search “opensuse” in the market. The code is available here.