February 26, 2010

enhancerepo 0.4.1 released

You can find the packages in my home project.


  • Gemified. It is now available as a ruby gem. The rpm package is now therefore rubygem-enhancerepo
  • Changed command line option parsing: for multiple items in an option, don’t use commas anymore: –generate-update pkg1,pkg2 becomes –generate-update pkg1 pkg2
  • Support for product metadata generation from release packages. Enhancerepo will scan *-release rpm packages and insert product.xml information in the metadata.
  • Bugfixes for delta and updates generation
  • Improved output


This release was possible thanks to contributions and testing from Michael Calmer and Jordi Massaguer Pla

Next release

A 0.4.2 release will follow shortly, because 0.4.1 was queued from some time already. At least 2 features are planned for 0.4.2/0.4.3

  • Merge splitting of any metadata patch from Jordi Massaguer Pla
  • Merge pattern conversion patch from Michael Calmer

About Enhancerepo

Enhancerepo is a tool to edit and index rpm-md (a.k.a yum) software repositories. It is developed in gitorious.

Main features:

  • Reindex metadata
  • Generate delta rpms from different package versions, and the corresponding metadata
  • Generate updates (patches) metadata from different package versions
  • Insert keywords and other properties
  • Create product descriptions from -release packages