August 04, 2009

SUSE Appliance Program WebYaST alpha demo

Together with the launch of SUSE Studio 1.0, an alpha demo of WebYaST was also included in the Appliance Kit preview. We talked about WebYaST earlier this year. The demo includes small functionality like setting the system language, system time, patches/updates and general status of your appliance.

WebYaST mission is to add value to your appliance by providing the basic setup requiring only a web browser. The idea is that you build your appliance with Studio and include WebYaST so you can perform setup, configuration and basic monitoring.

The WebYaST demo is available as an appliance (built with SUSE Studio) on the Novell Appliance Program page. Advanced users can follow the YaST:Web repository on the openSUSE Build Service.

Haven’t tried SUSE Studio yet? Here is a nice demonstration video.

If you are an ISV, you may also want to checkout the upcoming SUSE Lifecycle Management Server, everything you need to serve your appliance customers with your application plus operating system updates.