May 26, 2009

Web-izing YaST

As you may know, are working on making YaST functionality accessible via the web. With this we mean not only browser. The current prototype has two parts: a generic web service (REST like API) and a web browser client.

Stefan Schubert announced last week a new snapshot for developers. You can find packages in the build service project. The packages are named yast2-webservice and yast2-webclient.

This is very early code. It is not fast, and the web client is not yet using all user interface possibilities that ajax gives, but there are we going :-).

If you are an experienced user, and you get it running, you may be interested in getting it running from source code by reading our development web page. Both the webservice and the webclient are rails applications. Developing modules is also easy! Just show up in irc (freenode) #yast.