May 25, 2009

Facebook on Kopete, take II

Last week I blogged about, just after I
was able to see my buddies for first time on the screen.

Since then I have made some improvements to message handling and other
code cleanups. The code is now available in a at

As KDE’s svn trunk is frozen, I will keep it there for now.

You can get… (version 0.1.2). I gave
up trying to build it for openSUSE 11.1, as Kopete API has changed quite
a bit. However the package may build on 11.1 plus the KDE 4.2+
repositories. You need installed (or
-devel package if you want to build it).

Roadmap for next 0.1.3:

Add caching to avoid downloading the pictures every 3 minutes.

More bugfixes

Roadmap for later:

Look into adding , searching, and other stuff.

Be aware. This is weeks-old-code. It has not been tested much and has
lot of debug messages. Use it if you are a early adopter only.