February 01, 2009

Geo-Enabled todo list

While being in Barcelona like a year ago, I was playing with Android’s SDK and trying to implement a todo-list that could make a phone vibrate when you walk nearby the grocery store, and you had a todo item saying “remind me about buying tomatoes if I walk nearby”.

When I googled for it, I found Naggie (link dead), but it was dead, which was quite strange. After googling more, I think I found out why the site may have been dead.

Then I had the opportunity to play with an Android phone for first time (Martin’s phone), and I asked him whether such application existed. Well Martin, it does, but I could not find the download link.

However, today I found a free app for BlackBerry called got-2. I installed it. However, it claims it has some problems with OS 4.5, which is the one I use. Lets see how it works.