January 15, 2009

ZYpp project now on git

You may have noticed (or not?) that svn.opensuse.org/svn/zypp is now
read-only :-)

Since a couple of weeks the ZYpp project repository is now hosted on git.opensuse.org. Please read the official announcement here.

Now you can fork and develop much easily without needing access to the “official repository”. Developers can work disconnected, enjoy the git features to handle merges and branches, oh, and you can keep your forks in git publishing sites like the cool GitHub

We updated the following pages to reflect the move:

Those also link to the new pages, written as a starting point:

One of the challenges of the migration was continuous integration. We needed to replicate the automated
building/testing process, which is a core part of the ZYpp team development model.

The process has been migrated from cruisecontrol.rb to Hudson ( Extensible continuous integration engine, https://hudson.dev.java.net/)) which provides better job handling support, plugins and it is not tied
to svn.

Some new features:

  • We now build zypper automatically over the rest of the ZYpp stack.
  • We publish the last successful build that passes the testsuite automatically to zypp:Head project. This one will obsolete zypp:svn.
  • We are working to build other pieces of the stack automatically, like PackageKit.
  • We are working to also build and test the whole YaST stack, so it can also be published automatically. So expect a YaST:Head project soon too, to obsolete YaST:SVN (outdated).

I would like to thank R. Tyler for his help with Hudson plugins, Jens Daniel for his original automation scripts we used, which are still the base for the Hudson build scripts :-), Stano for adding on-request features to y2makeall, and the Hudson developers for such a amazing piece of software.