November 14, 2008

BlackBerry OS 4.5 update

If you own a Blackberry from Vodafone Germany, you may be able to update to OS 4.5 depending on your model.
I did the update yesterday, and it went smooth. You will need:

  • Windows machine, as the update is done from the desktop manager
  • The right firmware update for your model.
  • You need to re-activate against the Enterprise Server in case you use BES. Contact your administrator for that.

You get lot of improvements against 4.2:

  • Better browser. Mouse cursor to navigate.
  • HTML mails
  • Video camera.
  • Some Media Player enhancements.
  • Decent fonts.
  • Documents to go. I can now even open pdfs from mail.
  • Lot of user interface improvements. It looks nicer.
  • Free/Busy calendar lookup.

(note, features depend on your device model)