October 10, 2008

Metallica's Death Magnetic sound

I noticed some weeks ago that Death Magnetic (especially “The day that never comes” chorus) sounded very distorted. The mix is not good.

Now I found out it is not my imagination, but Wired reported the Guitar Hero version sounds much better (also in Rolling Stone) than the CD, and there is already a petition to remaster it.

Instead of facing the problem Lars Ulrich gave a very lame answer. That is nonsense. Just like artists get upset when people copy their albums, fans also get upset when they buy the albums and the sound is crap.

If you got the CD and you are disappointed with the sound, you can find the Guitar Hero version remastered by fans in some torrent sites. Those should not hurt with earphones. There you have it Lars, the people that bought the CD is fixing the problem for you.

*update*: This video shows very well we are not talking about sound “style”, but quality. Make sure you are watching the high quality of the YouTube video (there should be a link under the video).

*update #2*: This video explains in simple words what is this “Loudness war” and how it destroys the sound.