September 10, 2008

Critical thermal shutdown on Thinkpad x60

At the beginning it looked like some material for the Linuxhater blog :-)

It happened a couple of times before, while working on my my X60 and suddenly the computer switched to shutdown mode and turned off. Uh? annoying!

Yesterday it happened again, and this time I was able to find the answer in the logs:

Sep 10 01:29:26 piscolita powersaved[2658]: WARNING (checkTemperatureStateChanges:217)
Temperature state changed to critical.
Sep 10 01:29:26 piscolita kernel: Critical temperature reached (128 C), shutting down.
Sep 10 01:29:26 piscolita shutdown[15371]: shutting down for system halt

Then googling I found out it is a bug in the kernel (google groups link, prettier), and it seems there is a patch for it. I think this is a good backport candidate for 11.0 updates.

*update*: tracking as bug #425077