January 03, 2008

TripIt review

I just tried the travel plan service TripIt.

tripit logo](http://www.tripit.com/images/header/logo.gif))

TripIt idea is: You open an account, forward your flight/hotel/car/restaurant reservations to plans@tripit.com and it automatically reads the information from there and creates a nice itinerary you can print. It also combines it with mashup information: maps, weather, pictures, etc.

I tried it forwarding my flight confirmation I got from TerminalA.com. However, it failed to read it and it stayed in a special inbox of items it cannot deal with. I copy pasted the reservation code to the amadeus system in checkmytrip.com and then used the “Sent to a friend” option of checkmytrip to send the reservation from my address to the plans@tripit.com email. This time I was lucky and after refreshing the tripIt page, my flight details were there.

Then I started to explore the site. The printing options are nice. You can also get a private address (URI) for a remote ICal calendar you can use to merge your travel itineraries into popular calendar applications (or your google calendar, for example).

The site is useful. I will keep my account, mostly for printing and calendaring. But I am a little bit dissapointed. I was expecting more. Perhaps I am just sick of signing up again and again to every new site. OpenID now!