December 31, 2007

RIAA mafia wants you to pay your music multiple times

A citizen of USA is being sued by the RIAA for ripping CDs in order to play them in the computer.

This opens a really stupid discussion. This is my point of view as a consumer.

The music industry still wants to run their old business model. They want to charge you for expensive CDs. I haven’t bought many CDs since long time. The reasons are simple: I don’t have a CD player, and I don’t listen CDs on the TV/DVD player because I want to make playlists out of many artists and styles and not just loop over 2 good songs and 10 bad ones. Then I want to go walking and bring that playlist with me. To the car, etc.

The usual understanding of CD license model is “private use”. That means I can play it 10.000 times or as much as I want. However, because the reason above, people don’t want CDs. And because the RIAA don’t sell CDs, and they are years late (and also incompetent) to get into the digital market business, the solution is to (as usual) exploit the legal system, and try to change it so the user will pay for every song for every medium. So if you want to listen a song in your car radio, you have to pay for it again.

What this comment mentions is interesting:

Uh oh, George Bush better watch out! The Beatles have never released iTunes tracks… yet, according to his interview here. He’s got them on his iPod. I wonder if the RIAA will go after him next?

There is nothing you can do. The RIAA already as been sued for acting like a mafia/criminal organization but the end of the digital rights war is far away, and everything that happens today will mostly only affect our children’s. We are already screwed up and will have to live with crap for some years.

Not buying RIAA (and friends) albums is an option. I have to admit that most of the music I like is still under RIAA control. You can find those using the RIAA radar.

I own a good bunch of CDs. But as they are not a good investment because I would need to pay for the music again now that I _don’t listen to CD media_ I am not buying more CDs. I have to think (or rethink) my music strategy for the next years. Perhaps startlooking in the top 100 RIAA-free albums? or just switch to realtime internet radio?