November 14, 2007

Cool things in a cold day

Nice surprise today:

  • ITO time spent on YaST. No success yet with Wt. It does not provide something like Qt’s QSocketNotifier, or glib’s g_io_add_watch which integrate themselves with the event loop. Did a hack with a standard select and a timeout, did not work. Even worse, Wt crashes on processEvents().

  • Will hosted a hack session on Saturday. While I did not get any code done, I got motivated by the Kopete 4.x state to continue working on it at home. Yesterday I commited my chat window participants view code for Kopete. It simplifies the code and the signal battle a lot. I still have to fix some issues.

  • The Android stuff is so cool. Read this post about Dalvik: how Google routed around Sun’s IP-based licensing restrictions on Java ME. The Activity, Services and Intents model seems natural for other scenarios, not only mobiles.