July 04, 2007

aKademy 2007 Glasgow

So aKademy is over for me. While I type this I am flying back to Germany.

But not for everyone. Hundred of hackers and contributors are still in Glasgow, discussing and coding the pieces that conform the best free desktop out there.

The first social event was in a strange, but cool place called something with “Duck” in it. It was perfect except for the Dj on crack which sounded like a mp3 player with skips on a super high I/O load. People also had some obsession with fruits and flavors in beer which germans did not like.

On Monday evening, we had a nice event at the City Hall. The place was like a palace. Lot of marmol, paintings and details. The reception was in a big luxurious room, were the city authorities and Aaron gave a speech, followed by nice food and wine. We also sang happy birthday to Zack, the KDE e.V. and other people. I did not bring my camera, but here there is a picture from Nikolaj Hald Nielsen blog.

I had much fun talking with the spanish guys (plus Helio). Finally met Thiago and Charles and had a italian dinner with Will and some Trolls.

Unlike last year, I was able to get my KDE4 development environment running in no time, and spend most of the time playing with Kross and Kopete integration.

The organization was good. I liked the hostel more than the one in Dublin, especially because it had one bathroom per shared room and completely free wireless (even if it only worked the first day).

Scotland was a special place for me to visit, as the first MacVicar came to Chile from Scotland. I had the chance to meet some of family there. That was incredible! They even showed me the original letter the wife of the first MacVicar in Chile wrote to his brother in Scotland announcing his death.

  • Glasgow has a nice downtown, but it is not my kind of city (Well, Dublin wasn’t too). I am looking forward to see other cities from the country in the future.
  • When walking in the street. I immediately noticed something. Then I realized it was not my imagination.

I think we were all amazed by the number of people. It really felt like a big group (just check the group photo). You rock guys.

My photoset is here.