June 28, 2007

Hackweek III (day 4)

Martin Vidner succeeded in making possible to use YaST UI:: from the language bindings. This means you could write a complete module in Perl, and get the benefits of the abstracted Qt/ncurses/gtk user interface.

These changes means that my Ruby bindings will be able to support it too.

I also got the code as yast2-bindings-ruby in the build service, it doesn’t build yet, but soon will appear in the home:dmacvicar project.

Srinivasa Ragavan is working on Desktop status awareness, which means trying to do useful tasks when you are away from your computer. I pointed him to the Kopete motion-auto-away plugin I hacked some years ago in order to set the user away in the messaging client if no motion was detected in a webcam stream.