June 22, 2007

free software now takes on your camera.

Free software first invaded your server, then your desktop, then your laptop, and now it is conquering your devices.

It is known already you can replace your limited Linksys firmware to turn your $100 router into a $1000 router with openwrt. Or that you can replace your lame and proprietary ipod (and other mp3 players) firmware with rockbox, and get real tagging, ogg vorbs support, and even games like frozen bubble.

But I knew from Martin yesterday that there is even now a firmware for your digital camera available, and mine seems to be supported. I have to try it!.

Currently, the CHDK firmware is available for Canon digital cameras of the following models:

* A610, Fw: 1.00D (with CHDK version for 1.00E), 1.00E, 1.00F
* A620, Fw: 1.00F ( 1.00E is not compatible. You must upgrade to 1.00F first )
* A630, Fw: 1.00C
* A640, Fw: 1.00B
* A710 IS, Fw: 1.00A
* S2 IS, Fw: 1.00E, 1.00F, 1.00G, 1.00I (with CHDK version for 1.00G)
* S3 IS, Fw: 1.00A