May 29, 2007

Criminality in Montreal, Thief obsessed with house

My brother is doing research in Montreal, and shares a house with some friends, near the intersection of Fabre St. and Beaubien Av.

Some weeks ago, he heard noise in the next room. Thinking it was one of the housemates, he ignored the noise. Next morning a laptop was missing. The thief used an insecure door to break in.

Some days later, the doorbell ringed at 5am. They saw a strange guy hiding and walking around the house. He was checking if there was somebody in the house. The neighbor was arriving and found this guy in the back garden of the triplex. He used as excuse, “looking for cigarretes”.

During the week, they saw the suspect several times. Walking around the block looking into the houses and trying open doors. They even made a picture (sadly from behind, but it seems he wears always the same clothes), he has been recognized by various people.

On Sunday, 5 am. My brother again woke up with with noise in the next room. He heard someone inside the house. He did some noise to scare him, without having to encounter him face to face in the next room. The thief escaped. This time he really did a good effort to open not easily reachable window and using a knife.

The police has come twice, but is not able to do nothing. See a Google Map of the thief area and the suspected home of this guy.