May 21, 2007

opensuse-softwaremgmt mailing list.

We have a new mailinglists:

This mailing list has one mission: bring the people involved in different
projects having to do with package management, together.


  • ZYpp developers
  • Smart, YUM, etc developers and users.
  • Autobuild & build service
  • Updater applets and YaST modules.
  • Community

in order to:

  • Define metadata formats, standardize, push upstream, create specifications and centralize the knowledge.
  • coordinate features in one component to be used by other components.
  • discuss ideas to make the user experience better (how to make downloading metadata faster?)
  • coordinate community projects in order to integrate them with other components.
  • Discuss having common codebase for tools like metadata generators, validators, packaging tools, etc.

To subscribe to the lists, just send an email like this: opensuse-softwaremgmt+subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxx

For more information about the Mailinglists, please look at