May 11, 2007

Busy week

This has been a really busy week. Moving to a new apartment. At home I only see boxes everywhere :-(

Lot of news coming from the Java field. I am happy for what is happening with the Java world.

  • The strategy for Solaris finally makes some sense: making it like Linux, but with its own strengths. Everyone will win here. (it will be GPL soon]1 ). The only looser will be Microsoft and whose can’t use GPL code. I am not sure if the strategy is right, but making Sun a player with both Linux and Solaris is much better than the “Linux, eeer Solaris, er Linux… Solaris!… Linux!” strategy.
  • Flash and Silverlight will get a competitor from Sun and the Java world. This is good news for Linux, as it can be the first free solution on this platform. Watch the demos.
  • Platform for cellphones.
  • There is a video of a Google Earth like client done by Sun and NASA, based on the new FX technologies. It will be free and can be used as a component in Java programs.