April 27, 2007

YaST opensource!!!! finally!!! oh yes!!!!

Just a note to you all lazy journalists that love to copy paste news from one site to another without doing some googling to research the facts.

OpenSUSE Drops ZENworks, Opens YAST
By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
April 27, 2007

Analysis: Novell’s community Linux is dropping support for its all-too-often annoying ZENwork client, while finally open-sourcing SUSE’s older YAST software installation and system administration tool.

A simple query for “yast gpl” shows that YaST is opensourced, in fact GPLed, since 2004 or so. What we did was opening up the repositories.

Formerly, the YaST external code repository was a snapshot of the internal one. It was synced on every release. Now, we will develop only on the external one, so you can follow real time commits, or participate.