April 13, 2007

freetype FUD

This week we had a new FUD wave. ClearType was disabled in the freetype library because Microsoft patents, and inmediately a bunch of conspiracy theories came back to life. The point is, it was a upstream change, so it will affect lot of distributions.

The chain seems to be openSUSE bugzilla to Beranger.org to Roy Schestowitz from the FUD kings of Boycott Novell and then kripken in a slashdot post.

What is totally crazy is the comment kripken posted on slashdot:

Apparently the Microsoft-Novell deal doesn’t help openSUSE out much with regard to MS patents. Is the same true for SUSE?

Do you guys put the same energy on reading FAQs you spend spreading FUD? Novell has been repeating all the time:

  • Novell has no license for Microsoft patents.
  • Novell can’t use Microsoft patents (and viceversa)
  • Novell can sue Microsoft for Novell patents in Microsoft products (and viceversa)
  • Novell CAN’T sue Microsoft customers for patents (and viceversa)