February 19, 2007

Egon visits Nürnberg and the born of a musical career

So this weekend my chilean friend Egon visited me with his brother Wolfgang.

I am able know to give you a really nice overview of Nürnberg in a half day and a long night ;-).

After the mandatory visits to the castle, Hauptmarkt and walking around the innerstadt, we stopped for a real german dinner at Geiß Spital.

Then we continued in direction to Wörde Wiese where we had a top in DeroteBar and Weinerei, where we met a bunch of friends.

While in the Weinerei, a guitar player came in and started to play blues.

He asked us for some money and I ended buying his album for 5 euros. Not that I like blues that much but…. lets support art. He persuaded me to play after him. Well, he just announced I was going to play. So I ended playing live in the Weinerei.


After that we did a quick stop at Downtown. They left today, but my feeling is they liked Nürnberg a lot. Complete photoset.