December 16, 2006

Politics commentators

I don’t like to read about Mid East politics in planetsuse, as I don’t like to everyday be informed about private life of developers. Some times there are exceptions it is ok to see a vacation photo or some mumbling and ranting. It is even desirable. I respect other’s people blogging style so I just filter by topic and I just hope others do the same. I confess sometime I skip the filter because some planets give you some audience. So tagging for planetsuse or planetkde, etc is a good way when I want to create polemic with some post/rant.

Miguel is one of our bloggers who keep planetsuse updated with a weekly politics analysis of this chaotic world. His last post caught my attention, as it is an opinion related to Chile:

The same folks that were calling for “Iraqi Liberation” from Saddam are now pitching the need for a strong man. They never made any sense, but they are now venturing into new delusional grounds when they suggest that Augusto Pinochet is a good model to follow.

Of course, this particular columnist has always shown the intellectual prodigy of a clam, the wit and finese of a dumb rock.

His claim: Pinochet’s abuses “helped create a civil society”. Well, you can not get any dumber than that. All he knows about Chile he probably learned this week.

The journalist makes a big mistake when saying “the abuses created”, the abuses created nothing more than fear and deaths.

However, the topic is much more complex that that, and the world shows lot of arrogance when talking about the topic.
This arrogance created a partial justice, which resulted in the military dictatorship being pure evil and the anti-democratic government of Allende in a process of international canonization. This attempt to make justice in just *one* side is what resulted in no justice at all, and still creates division and hate in the Chilean society.

So, it can get dumber than that. No big difference in an american conservative who learned about Chile this week, and any other auto proclaimed Chilean history expert.