December 13, 2006

Chilean news

If you go those days to Chile media and news, they are totally collapsed, as one of the most important characters of the recent Chilean history, General Augusto Pinochet died on Sunday, Dec 10 at the age of 91.

President Allende, who was elected via an special Congress agreement because he only reached 36% of the votes, committed 20 Constitution violations: support of armed groups, illegal arrests, torture, muzzling the press, manipulating education, not allowing people to leave the country, confiscating private property, forming seditious organizations, and usurping powers belonging to the Judiciary, Congress, and the Treasury. This led to the Chamber of Deputies and the president of Senate to declare Allende’s government unconstitutional and called for military intervention, which happened on September 11, 1973.

Pinochet was the leader of Chile for the following 17 years, which included systematic and widespread human rights violations, including mass-murder, torture, kidnapping, illegal detention, and press censorship. At the same time, the economy recovered and the basis of what the following four democratic governments enjoyed were founded. Pinochet stepped down from power in 1990, after losing a national plebiscite in 1988.

The following generations, which were not yet born at that time, inherited a climate of hate and division. You can read a text on how the democracy was destroyed in Chile here (english) and here (spanish).