November 21, 2006

Enhanced Novell's for Windows

Just discovered this in the reading openSUSE mailing lists.

Novell’s version has lot of integrated patches that take some time to find their way upstream. If you use Windows, you can also get those enhancements using the Novell build of for windows. You have to go here and follow the right link “Download Novell Edition of for Windows”. Most probably you will need to create a Novell account to download the file. It is an ISO image you can burn to a CD with any burning tool.

With the Novell version, you get:

  • Enhanced Support for Microsoft Office File Formats: supports import and export of Microsoft Office file formats, even taking advantage of compatible fonts to match document length. Transparent document sharing makes the best choice if you are deploying it in a mixed Linux/Windows environment.
  • E-Mail as Microsoft Office Document: The standard edition of supports e-mailing of files as PDF files from within the application. With the Novell Edition of, you can also e-mail any document as a Microsoft Office file. For example, you can e-mail a Writer file as a Microsoft Word file, so the file is automatically converted and attached to an e-mail in your default e-mail application.
  • Excel VBA Macro Interoperability: The Novell Edition of eases the migration of many macros from Microsoft Excel. Although not all macros can be successfully migrated, this interoperability offers more than the standard edition, which does not support migration of macros.
  • Enhanced Fonts: For the Novell Edition of, Novell licensed fonts from AGFA that use the same or similar names as the fonts available in Microsoft Office. The fonts also look similar to those used by Microsoft and have identical metrics. This allows to match fonts when opening documents originally composed in Microsoft Office, and very closely match pagination and page formatting.
  • ODMA Integration: The Novell Edition of for Windows includes initial release of ODMA integration such as GroupWise.