November 07, 2006

irc log comments, chile, zypp applet, podcasting german, internet fud

The irc log I posted last week was my most commented post ever!. Credits go to Will to save that log for so many years.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2006 shows Chile in number 20 in world’s most transparent countries. In 2005 the country was 21th. Far ahead of its neighbours. This year we are again ahead of countries like spain, and this year we surpassed USA in the ranking.

This weekend I got another visit from Chile, the third actually (not counting my family). Pablo was here the while weekend and he liked Nürnberg a lot.

My brother back from hiking in Kalymnos, nice pictures.

Best podcast ever. My hopes to learn german are back!.

10.2 is near. zypp look much much better. YaST faster. User gets feedback. KDE got a updater applet (Google SOC project, now enhanced). I am still wrestling with KIO http-over-unix sockets, to make auth-less communication with ZENWorks daemon to work. The direct system backend works fine.

You can see the lot of press and blogging the deal with Microsoft generated. Just more of the same. This time the FUD is less original.

I don’t like the childish attitude of the community when such announcements happen. It is ok to dislike business moves, and say it, but the speculation goes to a zealot point where news start to be invented and spreaded in a totally irresponsible way. You see a blog “probably the deals is not compatible with the GPL”, and then you see a blog citing that blog saying “Novell violates the GPL so boycott”, each link to one blog to another gets worse.

I am not sure if I like the deal or not. It is to early to see what will it bring. But I do think people has to be careful when spreading fud. Living in countries with free speech sadly you often see people not being responsible from what they say. Last year, when Novell did lot of coporate changes, I was shocked to read in the news “Novell discontinue their entire SUSE Linux branded desktop and workstation product line”. (complete false information). Ok, if now, one year later, you see OpenSUSE, and NLD announced as SLED, still there, more popular, better, and SLED even got the SUSE brand. Will you see a post back from those people. No, you won’t. You will find them trolling with new material and FUD.