September 30, 2006

Photoshop alternative

If you use KDE, you probably already tried Krita, a image editing software that integrates with the desktop like all the K apps family.

In this review they mention a program called Pixel, which gives you a multiplatform Photoshop alternative for a very reasonable price.

If you buy the beta now, you pay even less and for all supported platforms and upgrades until the next major version.


*I just got some comments on this blog entry. Oh, it is advertising, it is spam. Why promote a closed source app. What am I saying? etc.
I use my blog to post whatever link, program or technology I find while surfing and I think it is worth downloading and giving it a try. I carefuly categorize my blog posts so photos of my cat (no, I don’t own a cat, but I hate those posts) are not syndicated planet sites, but still people get pissed with something. Ok, why I posted this app? because I found interesting being multiplatform, similar to a product used a lot, and much cheaper. Why did I post Krita next to it? because I use Krita and KDE, and actually I haven’t tried Pixel, nor I wilI. I always try to give a link to the free alternatives when I link a closed app. Anyway. Now the edit is longer than the original post.*