August 30, 2006

before DRM...

Interesting comment on Slashdot:

How do you create a market for a product, and make money of a product that has a huge initial creative investment, but then no manufacturing cost, and is in infinite supply?

The same way it worked before DRM. You are making a ridiculous assumption that DRM is the only thing that prevents someone from distriduting copies of copyrighted works. That is utterly false. There is this thing called copyright law that works just fine without DRM. Photocopiers didn’t kill the book publishers. Tape recorders didn’t kill music industry. VCRs *multiplied* the profits of the movie industry, despite the fact that certain studios nearly had them outlawed.

For this reason your question is either biased or stupid or both. Turns out it is entirely possible to have a viable economy without infringing on the consumers’ fair use rights or first sale doctrine. Who would have thunk!