August 14, 2006

Stuttgart, dead harddisk

Nice trip to Stuttgart on weekend. Found that both Mercedes and Porsche factories are there, visited both. The Mercedes was full of people; waiting time 1 hour so we did not enter.

I usually leave my computer on 24x7 except when traveling. If I will not be at home for some days I usually disconnect all the plugs. However most of my computer problems always happen when turning them on after being off for a while. Yesterday was no exception.

SUSE boots, and aborts init with wrong root filesystem. I booted into safe mode and found “device added “device removed” lot of times messages from my SATA drive. No panic. I got this same problem some months ago and it went away alone. I gave up trying to make it boot. I booted with a Gnome Parted CD I have around to resize my partitions, and I was able to mount my root partition. My data is there. So what is the problem? bug in Factory kernel? Any tip is appreciated.