August 08, 2006

weekend, akademy, zypp

Busy weekend. Darts and billard with Loreto and Will on Friday. Will won all matches. Then some Playstation karaoke at Will’s place. Lost twice against Lisann for only 10 points. It turned into a deathmatch. I will win next time.

Michael commited last pieces for patch/delta rpms support. I integrated them to the main zypp branch. They will see light soon, both in the new alphas, and as 10.1 updates as well.

Even if for a moment I thought it would be impossible to make it due to my schedule. I will be in Akademy. A little bit late, but still enough to meet lof of the Kguys. And I hope at time to challenge Aaron for a “who sings worse” karaoke match. A challenge that should be two or three years old already ;-)