July 18, 2006

The million dollar messenger

As you may have seen in Slashdot, Former Microsoft employes launched a site called Ohloh which is basically a Web 2.0 opensource software directory with tags, metrics and other useful information other directories don’t have.

kopete logo

It was nice to find Kopete there. The project was estimated in a US$ 735,875 cost, with 54,763 LOC. That surprised me, since last time a measured the codebase, it was above 100,000 lines of code. It also surprised me my level of activity, giving the fact I haven’t coded anything since long time and most of today’s coding work is being done by our beloved “kids club” (the young generation leaded by Olivier, Michael and others), and most release and package management by our very own Matt .

I quicky noticed they got the data from our old repository in Sourceforge, which was migrated to KDE’s repositories years ago. So they estimated a very old version.

ohloh logo

Anyway, it is so amazing to see something that started from nothing, inspired by a bored night could cause a chain-reaction that generated a product that would cost a million dollar to develop in a commercial environment and that anyone can use for free.

K3b is also indexed, and estimated in $611,652, also from a sourceforge repository, which I imagine, is also outdated.

We deserve a million dollar party :-)