July 17, 2006

Compiling Octave Workshop in SUSE

Octave Workshop is a nice Qt 4 GUI for GNU Octave, a Matlab like numerical computation tool.

Graph sombrero

To compile it in SUSE 10.1, get this patch and apply it to your installed Octave 2.1.72 headers:

  linux:/usr/include/octave-2.1.72/octave # cat /home/duncan/octave.patch | patch -p0
  patching file ArrayN.h
  patching file DiagArray2.h

Then in Octave Workshop, replace the assert for QT_ASSERT in octave-workshop-0.10/editwindow.cpp

  - assert(editors.find(current)!=editors.end());
  + Q_ASSERT(editors.find(current)!=editors.end());

then it should compile.