June 06, 2006

Rock Im Park 2006

Metallica live photo

I was yesterday in Rock Im Park. I only went to see Metallica. The show was great, the (long) playlist was something like:

  • Creeping death
    * Fuel
    * The God that failed
    * Wherever I may roam

  • Battery
    * Master of Puppets
    * The Thing That Should Not Be
    * Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    * Disposable Heroes
    * Leper Messiah
    * Orion (Instrumental)
    * Damage, Inc.

(yeah, they played the whole Master of Puppets album because it was its 20th birthday)

  • Nothing else matters
    * Sad but true
    * One
    * Enter Sandman
    * So What
    * Seek and destroy

Metallica live photo

I did not bring my camera, but today some photos started to appear in flickr. The official gallery is here.

Other bands that were there include Depeche Mode, Placebo, Tool, Franz Ferdinand, Korn, Morrissey, Bela B., Reamonn, Nelly, Furtado, Sportfreunde Stiller, Deftones, Pharrell, Turbonegro, Tomte, Kaiser Chiefs, Dir en grey, Paul Weller, Goldfrapp, Dresden Dolls, She Wants Revenge, u.v.a.

Metallica live photo

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