January 16, 2006

Hacking a Typhoon MP3 player

I got a hard disk based mp3 player. The cool thing is that it can play ogg files and also works as a standard usb-storage device. It has its problem though. Like most player, the jukebox database is completely proprietary.

Emailing the company did not work as it was a rebranded product. Emailing the original makers resulted only in getting ignored.

After playing with khexedit for a while I was able to figure the simple fixed field length format of the binary database. I wrote a test program using Qt and Taglib (thanks Scott, it rocks, so simple…) to recreate the database for my collection. I haven’t however yet figured the index files. Also, I have no idea how to read the FAT short names so I have to mount has VFAT to copy and keep the nice names, but as MSDOS to generate the database and see the shortnames the player stores in the database. Once I figure out the indexes, it should work.

If it does, I plan to write an amaroK media device plugin (no idea how to resolve the mount issue here).